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Awa Press maintains an exciting programme of author tours and appearances, bookstore visits and media engagements.

Want to attend a book launch, or book signing? Want to hear an author being interviewed on radio or television, or speaking at a public event? Check out their author page for more information.

Interested in the latest news about Awa Press books and authors? Click on Awa Press - News & Events.

To find out whether an author is available for an interview or public speaking engagement, email, or telephone us on (04) 471 1834.

Awa Press Authors

Peter Adds
Tom Barnes
Pippin Barr
Hamish Beaton
Judith Bell
Nick Bollinger
Danielle Bowater
Jane Bowron
Steve Braunias
Davinia Caddy
Paul Callaghan
Hamish Campbell
Peter Carey
John Daniell
Lauren Earl
Anne Else
Jim Flynn
Craig Franklin
Brian Gill
Kathy Giuffre
Peter Graham
Polly Greeks
Ella Griffiths
Lesley Hall
Richard Hall
Robert Hannah
Lolo Houbein
Tom Hyde
Kevin Ireland
Liz Koh
Graeme Lay
Rebecca Macfie
Geoff Mackley
John McCrystal
Hamish McDouall
Harvey McQueen
Kelly Ana Morey
Mary Mountier
Simon Nathan
Justin Paton
Rebecca Priestley
Harry Ricketts
John Saker
Anne Salmond
Lindsay Shelton
Craig Simons
Alastair Smith
Duncan Steel
John Stenhouse
Amy Taylor
MaryJane Thomson
Gillian Turner
Mary Varnham
Matt Vance
Matt Visser
Spiro Zavos

Awa Press Illustrators

Scott Kennedy

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