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How to hear Classical MusicHow to hear Classical Music
by Davinia Caddy

Ever wondered why most classical music concerts are such stuffy affairs? Had to bluff your way through classical music conversations? Trying to get a handle on music by modern composers? Failed to convince teenagers of the merits of Beethoven or Bach? Or just want an absorbing read about music? How to Hear Classical Music is all this and more. Davinia Caddy, an accomplished musician, historian and music writer, provides an illuminating guide that is bound to cause waves. Like all books in the fabulous Awa Press Ginger Series, How to Hear Classical Music will open readers' eyes - and ears! - to exciting new sensations.

How to Look at a PaintingHow to Look at a Painting
also available (New edition) (Hardback)
by Justin Paton

Acclaimed art writer Justin Paton takes us on a journey of exploration through the centuries and across the painted world. Whether you're a keen art collector, a serious student or just visit a gallery occasionally, this brilliant exposition of painting in all its forms will open your eyes to things you've never seen before.

How to Look at a Painting has attracted rave reviews:

'Art book of the year'
New Zealand Listener

'Elegant, accessible and endlessly thought-provoking'
RICHARD WOLFE, Art New Zealand

'An informed book and a stimulating one'

'For the uninitiated, the hobbyist and for the serious lovers of art'
SANDRA SIMPSON, Bay of Plenty Times

'A cultural exploration that deserves to become a classic'

'Elegant and persuasive. Paton is a brilliant stylist'
ROGER BLACKLEY, The Dominion Post

100 Essential New Zealand Films100 Essential New Zealand Films
by Hamish McDouall

This indispensable guide to New Zealand films and film-makers features the '100 best', from the acclaimed shorts of Taika Waititi to the modern classics of Jane Campion, the blockbusters of Peter Jackson, the tantalising stories of Niki Caro and Gaylene Preston, and the extraordinary works of Roger Donaldson. All New Zealand's big names are here, and many more besides.

100 Essential New Zealand Albums100 Essential New Zealand Albums
by Nick Bollinger

The much talked about and excitedly awaited third installment in the 100 Essential New Zealand series by famed music writer and broadcaster Nick Bollinger. The ultimate book on New Zealand music for any reader or music lover.

How to Listen to Pop MusicHow to Listen to Pop Music
by Nick Bollinger

It's the music that shook the world. 'I don't sound like nobody,' Elvis Presley said in 1954. True. The truck driver from Memphis was about to set off the biggest musical cataclysm since Mozart.

'Good book! Like an Antipodean version of Nick Hornby's 31 Songs but more expansive and generous ... This other Nick experiences the primeval wonder at first exposure to pure pop, the wild enthusiasm for songs and records that leave others bemused and cold, the insane need to track this music to its roots'