DispatchesSmall: Dispatches from Continent Seven: an anthology of Antarctic science
by Rebecca Priestley

This landmark anthology brilliantly reveals the numerous scientific discoveries that have been made, from how sea creatures survive in the freezing waters, to the continent's extraordinary proliferation of meteorites, and the startling revelations of fossils, which show Antarctica was once covered in luxuriant forests teeming with creatures.
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The CatchThe Catch
by Michael Field

On November 9, 2008, near Kiribati in the Pacific, a Korean ship came alongside Tai Ching 21. The Taiwan-flagged fishing boat was eerily silent. Three life rafts were missing, and all 29 of the Taiwanese officers and Chinese, Indonesian and Filipino crew. A quest to discover the men's identities led journalist Michael Field into a dark world of foreign-flagged vessels fishing the waters of New Zealand, other Pacific nations, and the Southern Ocean. He uncovered brutality, misery and death - and impending ecological disaster: the destruction of the last great southern schools of fish. With researchers from University of Auckland, he forced the New Zealand government to take action - but with huge money at stake the plunder and appalling working conditions continue. And more and more boats are now risking lives and maritime disaster heading south to catch toothfish, most destined for New York restaurants and Las Vegas casino hotels.

Tragedy at Pike River MineTragedy at Pike River Mine
by Rebecca Macfie

Tragedy at Pike River Mine is a dramatic, suspenseful account of a disaster that shook the nation - and the world. Pike River was no ordinary mine. It had been touted by the company and by government ministers as a showcase of modern mining. Shares in the company had been rapidly taken up by investors, swept away by predictions of extraordinary returns. Beneath the hype, though, lay mismanagement, mistakes and wilful blindness that would cost men their lives. Based on extensive research and over a hundred interviews, this powerful book provides chilling insights into the causes of the tragedy, and puts a human face on the people who suffered, and suffer still.

The Devouring DragonThe Devouring Dragon
by Craig Simons

The horrifying pollution within China is well-known. What's not so well-known is China's devastating impact on the entire world's forests, wildlife, oceans, rivers and climates. In New Guinea, many of the world's last great forests are being felled and exotic rare birds threatened to meet China's demand for timber; in Brazil, large swaths of the Amazon are being cleared to plant soybeans for China; in India, poachers are hunting and killing tigers and other endangered animals to extinction to feed Chinese demand; in New Zealand, land is being turned over to dairying at an alarming rate to provide food for China; in Australia, countryside is being eaten up and polluted for mines supplying coal to China.

Fate & PhilosophyFate & Philosophy: A Journey through Life's Great Questions
by Jim Flynn

Jim Flynn is on a mission to change how we think about the modern world, our place in it, and the moral choices we make. In The Torchlight List he argued that great literature can change lives. Now in Fate & Philosophy, he looks at tough moral decisions we face and urges us not to be influenced by subconscious conditioning inherited from our parents, our religion, or any other source.

Smoking in AntarcticaSmoking in Antarctica
by Steve Braunias

Steve Braunias shines in this superb selection of new writing. Threaded throughout - and reported with disarming honesty - is Braunias's own journey as a journalist and would-be novelist. Above all, he writes about his young daughter in moving columns that have won him many new readers and admirers.

The Torchlight ListThe Torchlight List
by Jim Flynn

A professor for over 40 years, Jim Flynn found fewer and fewer of his students were in love with reading. However, they were willing to try if he would give them lists. This book is the definitive list: 200 works so wonderful to read and so revealing about times and places, they make learning enjoyable and effortless.

I See RedI See Red
by Judith Bell

The woman who changed her name to Stephen Tindall tells her story.

Judith Bell and her husband Nelson had a young family, a promising manufacturing business, and a passionate determination to get ahead. When big-box retailer The Warehouse came calling with a big order, they thought their dreams had come true.

Within four years they had lost almost everything.

Fish of the Week: Selected ColumnsFish of the Week: Selected Columns
by Steve Braunias

Steve Braunias. Need we say more? For a decade his feature articles and columns have captivated, amused and enraged readers of first the Listener and then The Sunday Star-Times. His blend of opinion, wit and personal revelation has made him one of the country's most talked-about writers. He has won more awards than almost any other New Zealand journalist. This book features his personal selection of columns from the past two years.

Roosters I Have KnownRoosters I Have Known
by Steve Braunias

In 2007, journalist Steve Braunias embarked on a series of 27 interviews, one a week, profiling New Zealanders famous and infamous, both publicity-seekers and those rather keener to hide from the spotlight. The startling survey of the national psyche stirred controversy, hilarity, and even animosity.ed by subconscious conditioning inherited from our parents, our religion, or any other source.