OceanNotorioussmall: Ocean Notorious
by Matt Vance

Venture to the deep south and you will experience a world like no other – forbidding subantarctic islands, astounding sea creatures, death-defying plants, the constant company of birds and, if you travel far enough, the towering ice cliffs and dead valleys of Antarctica.
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OpenLooksOpen Looks
by John Saker

In this candid and beautifully written memoir, John Saker tells of his lifetime love affair with one of the world's most popular sports, how it changed his life, and the head-spinning moments when this "minor" sport became the talk of New Zealand.

How to Sail a BoatHow to Sail a Boat
by Matt Vance

To sail a boat is a magical, and sometimes mystical, experience. The sailor is free from the cares of life on land, entirely absorbed in the enterprise of moving a craft across the water. For the uninitiated, though, this is madness. Whatever reason can there be for willingly putting yourself at the mercy of nature's unpredictable forces, winds, waves and weather? In this captivating book, Matt Vance takes you inside the mind of the sailor, from the first scary moment of handling a boat solo to the exhilaration of sailing across oceans and discovering new worlds. His stories and those of his fellow madmen will captivate sailors young and old - and if you're a landlubber you may just find yourself yearning for the blue horizon.

Everyday CyclingEveryday Cycling
by Alastair Smith

If you want to use a bike in your daily life - to get to work, play, school and the shops - this is the book you have been waiting for: an informative, comprehensive and inspiring guide that helps beginners get started and experienced cyclists ride more confidently, safely and enjoyably.

How to Watch a Game of RugbyHow to Watch a Game of Rugby
by Spiro Zavos

How to Watch a Game of Rugby will delight both fans and those keen to learn more about New Zealand's national passion. Spiro Zavos shares his love of the sport with wit and humour - and passes on some illuminating pointers.

'Thoughtful, passionate & entertaining'

'One for all rugby lovers ... Spiro Zavos's best book yet'

The Awa Book of New Zealand Sports WritingThe Awa Book of New Zealand Sports Writing
by Harry Ricketts

New Zealand is a nation of sports-lovers and this is reflected in this collection of 80 superb pieces of sports writing by many of our most acclaimed journalists, novelists, biographers, essayists and poets. From surfing to cycling, angling to archery, running to rugby ... from the joy of the victors to the tears of the vanquished ... the roar of the crowd to the solitary moment ... this is a book of endless pleasure.
Check out Awa's own interview with Harry here.

100 Essential New Zealand Golf Holes100 Essential New Zealand Golf Holes
by Tom Hyde

New Zealand is a golf-lover's paradise and this is the definitive guide to the country's most interesting, beautiful, challenging and exhilarating golf holes - the ones that will linger in your memory long after the games are over and the scores forgotten.

This striking book, with full colour photographs and contact details for every featured course, is the perfect golfer's gift. It includes fabulous holes at Cape Kidnappers, declared by the UK Telegraph in 2008 to be No 1 of the 'World's Top Ten Golf Courses'.

Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge GuideLake Taupo Cycle Challenge Guide
by Amy Taylor

A bike ride that began with 26 friends in 1977 is today New Zealand's premier cycling event. Covering a scenic course on 160 kilometres of sealed road around beautiful Lake Taupo, it caters for riders of all abilities, and attracts around 12,000 entrants, with numbers increasing every year.

Whether you're riding for fun or competitively, this book contains all the information you'll need to prepare for the event and have a great ride on the day.

How to Catch a Cricket MatchHow to Catch a Cricket Match
by Harry Ricketts

How do you deliver a googly, have the hoodoos, bowl a maiden over, and make chin music? What are a beamer, a flipper, a corker, a jaffa and a loosener? What do a bunny, a cherry, a dolly and a royal golden duck have to do with sport? Learn the answers - and much more about the noble sport of cricket - in this terrific, funny, enlightening new book by passionate player and cricket-watcher Harry Ricketts.
Check out Awa's own interview with Harry here.

Antarctica Cruising GuideAntarctica Cruising Guide
by Peter Carey and Craig Franklin

The first and only definitive Antarctica cruising guide. Essential purchase for people thinking of travelling to Antarctica - New Zealanders and tourists.

How to Catch a FishHow to Catch a Fish
by Kevin Ireland

For award-winning writer and poet Kevin Ireland, fishing - especially for the elusive trout - is not an idle pastime but a passionate love affair with the natural world.

This fine, funny, beautiful book should be on the shelf of every fisherman - and woman - and their long-suffering friends and family.

'Ireland demystifies fishing. How welcome that is. He's informative but never omniscient, and often very clever and amusing. It's brilliant and I loved it'

Best: A New Zealand CompendiumBest: A New Zealand Compendium
by Ella Griffiths

Where is the best place in New Zealand to see a movie, watch a horse race or catch a wave? What's the country's best pinot noir? Who makes the best ice cream? Who's our best sports commentator? Which is our best public park? What is the best New Zealand movie of all time?

'Stylish ... Some of the categories are inspired'
Leaf Salon

How to Listen to Pop MusicHow to Pick a Winner
by Mary Mountier

An acclaimed insider's view of the sport of kings - the personalities, scandals, oddities, joys of ownership, social divisions, how it all began (blame King Charles II!), betting systems and advice to newcomers.