Ginger 'How To' Series

How to Hear Classical MusicHow to Hear Classical Music
by Davinia Caddy

Ever wondered why most classical music concerts are such stuffy affairs? Had to bluff your way through classical music conversations? Trying to get a handle on music by modern composers? Failed to convince teenagers of the merits of Beethoven or Bach? Or just want an absorbing read about music? How to Hear Classical Music is all this and more. Davinia Caddy, an accomplished musician, historian and music writer, provides an illuminating guide that is bound to cause waves. Like all books in the fabulous Awa Press Ginger Series, How to Hear Classical Music will open readers' eyes - and ears! - to exciting new sensations.

How to Sail a BoatHow to Sail a Boat
by Matt Vance

To sail a boat is a magical, and sometimes mystical, experience. The sailor is free from the cares of life on land, entirely absorbed in the enterprise of moving a craft across the water. For the uninitiated, though, this is madness. Whatever reason can there be for willingly putting yourself at the mercy of nature's unpredictable forces, winds, waves and weather? In this captivating book, Matt Vance takes you inside the mind of the sailor, from the first scary moment of handling a boat solo to the exhilaration of sailing across oceans and discovering new worlds. His stories and those of his fellow madmen will captivate sailors young and old - and if you're a landlubber you may just find yourself yearning for the blue horizon.

How to Look at a PaintingHow to Look at a Painting
also available (New edition) (Hardback)
by Justin Paton

Acclaimed art writer Justin Paton takes us on a journey of exploration through the centuries and across the painted world. Whether you're a keen art collector, a serious student or just visit a gallery occasionally, this brilliant exposition of painting in all its forms will open your eyes to things you've never seen before.

Gingervideogame: How to Play a Video Game
by Pippin Barr

Every day around the world millions of people enter virtual worlds through video games. These games are now the fastest-growing form of entertainment and are being played by people of all ages. International communities are coming together to play, have fun and share ideas - without ever meeting. How To Play A Video Game unlocks this amazing world, giving an insight into what makes video games so fascinating and entertaining to the people who play them.

How Watch a BirdHow to Watch a Bird
by Steve Braunias

As prize-winning journalist Steve Braunias stands on an apartment balcony on a sultry summer evening, a black-backed gull flies so close he is instantaneously bowled over with happiness: 'I thought: Birds, everywhere. I wanted to know more about them.'

This book is the result - a wondrous personal journey into the amazing world of birds, and the people ensnared, captivated and entranced by them: the passionate tribe of bird-watchers and twitchers.

How to Catch a Cricket MatchHow to Catch a Cricket Match
by Harry Ricketts

How do you deliver a googly, have the hoodoos, bowl a maiden over, and make chin music? What are a beamer, a flipper, a corker, a jaffa and a loosener? What do a bunny, a cherry, a dolly and a royal golden duck have to do with sport? Learn the answers - and much more about the noble sport of cricket - in this terrific, funny, enlightening new book by passionate player and cricket-watcher Harry Ricketts.

Check out Awa's own interview with Harry here.

How to Listen to Pop MusicHow to Read a Book
by Kelly Ana Morey

Kelly Ana Morey, award-winning novelist and winner of the inaugural Janet Frame Literary Award for Fiction and the 2013 Michael King Residency, tells of the books that have captivated her, and the influence they and their authors have had on her life and writing.

How to Catch a FishHow to Catch a Fish
by Kevin Ireland

For award-winning writer and poet Kevin Ireland, fishing - especially for the elusive trout - is not an idle pastime but a passionate love affair with the natural world. This fine, funny, beautiful book should be on the shelf of every fisherman - and woman - and their long-suffering friends and family.

'Ireland demystifies fishing. How welcome that is. He's informative but never omniscient, and often very clever and amusing. It's brilliant and I loved it'

How to Drink a Glass of WineHow to Drink a Glass of Wine
by John Saker

New Zealand has become one of the world's great wine-drinking and producing countries. After six years as a top wine writer, John Saker has blended a thousand impressions, delicious experiences and startled taste buds into an engrossing guide to the world's most loved - and debated - beverage.

'If you read only one book about wine, make it this one'

How to Listen to Pop MusicHow to Listen to Pick a Winner
by Mary Mountier

An acclaimed insider's view of the sport of kings - the personalities, scandals, oddities, joys of ownership, social divisions, how it all began (blame King Charles II!), betting systems and advice to newcomers.

How to Listen to Pop MusicHow to Listen to Pop Music
by Nick Bollinger

It's the music that shook the world. 'I don't sound like nobody,' Elvis Presley said in 1954. True. The truck driver from Memphis was about to set off the biggest musical cataclysm since Mozart.

'Good book! Like an Antipodean version of Nick Hornby's 31 Songs but more expansive and generous ... This other Nick experiences the primeval wonder at first exposure to pure pop, the wild enthusiasm for songs and records that leave others bemused and cold, the insane need to track this music to its roots'

How to Listen to Gaze at the Southern StarsHow to Gaze at the Southern Stars
by Richard Hall

Astronomer Richard Hall's engrossing account of the stars as seen from 'Down Under'. This personal tour of the night sky follows his popular series on New Zealand's National Radio.

How to Watch a Game of RugbyHow to Watch a Game of Rugby
by Spiro Zavos

How to Watch a Game of Rugby will delight both fans and those keen to learn more about New Zealand's national passion. Spiro Zavos shares his love of the sport with wit and humour - and passes on some illuminating pointers.

'Thoughtful, passionate & entertaining'

'One for all rugby lovers ... Spiro Zavos's best book yet'