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OceanNotorioussmall: Ocean Notorious
by Matt Vance

Venture to the deep south and you will experience a world like no other – forbidding subantarctic islands, astounding sea creatures, death-defying plants, the constant company of birds and, if you travel far enough, the towering ice cliffs and dead valleys of Antarctica.
Available Soon.

Under the Osakan SunUnder the Osakan Sun
by Hamish Beaton

A young man arrives to teach English in Japan under the JET programme, but what has he got himself into? We absolutely guarantee you will love this warm, funny, wonderful story of adventure, education, home appliances and how not to choose a girlfriend.

Antarctica Cruising Guide CoverAntarctica Cruising Guide - 3rd Edition
by Peter Carey and Craig Franklin

The first and only definitive Antarctica cruising guide. Essential purchase for people thinking of travelling to Antarctica - New Zealanders and tourists.

In Extreme DangerIn Extreme Danger
by Geoff Mackley and John McCrystal

Christchurch-born Geoff Mackley has carved out an international reputation as a daring filmmaker and photographer of extreme and dangerous natural phenomena.

Embracing the Dragon: A woman's journey along the Great Wall of ChinaEmbracing the Dragon: A woman's journey along the Great Wall of China
by Polly Greeks


When reporter Polly Greeks interviews Nathan Gray, a man whose goal is to walk the entire length of the Great Wall of China, she is so inspired she throws in her job and joins him.

'Fresh, remarkable, revealing. It takes courage to tell a story like this'

Best: A New Zealand CompendiumBest: A New Zealand Compendium
by Ella Griffiths

Where is the best place in New Zealand to see a movie, watch a horse race or catch a wave? What's the country's best pinot noir? Who makes the best ice cream? Who's our best sports commentator? Which is our best public park? What is the best New Zealand movie of all time?

'Stylish ... Some of the categories are inspired' Leaf Salon

The Miss Tutti Frutti Contest: Travel Tales of the South PacificThe Miss Tutti Frutti Contest: Travel Tales of the South Pacific
by Graeme Lay

For intrepid traveller Graeme Lay the islands of the South Pacific are the most intriguing places on earth: sublimely beautiful, blissfully remote, full of wonderful people and cultures - and a haven for bizarre misfits, would-be adventurers, and artists and writers in search of an earthly paradise.

'In the tradition of James A. Michener ... highly entertaining'

Stonehenge Aotearoa: The Complete GuideStonehenge Aotearoa: The Complete Guide
by Richard Hall, Kay leather and Geoffrey Dobson

Stonehenge Aotearoa is unique in New Zealand and internationally. This beautiful, fully illustrated colour guide book takes you on a tour of the inspiring structure - and the prehistoric monuments which inspired its creation.

'At Stonehenge Aotearoa we stand on the shoulders of giants'